operation office makeover

So the pictures I am about to show you are kind of embarrassing. Well, I guess really embarrassing. Our office is in shambles. We don't even use it as an office. It has become a dumping ground. And because we rarely go in there it has remain this way for a few months now.

And these were even taken after I had straightened up a little.

So with all my new sewing and craft projects, I have been wishing for a extra room so our dining room isn't always in disarray. And then I realized I had another room. It was just in need of a little - ok A LOT - of organization. Oh and I have to do it on a budget. A very small budget. This means finding cheap shelving (IKEA anyone?) to hold my craft stuff in an organized but beautiful way. And finding a way to beautify our very ugly but very functional and big file cabinet desk.

I am not allowing myself to take on any more craft projects until this is finished. But I am very excited. Look at some of these fabulous inspiration rooms:

This one is from casasugar. It is not overly done but very functional and organized. This is really what I am trying to achieve.

I found this one on pink street. This is what really inspired me to create a nice craft space.

I love this with the galvanized buckets. Check out all the other great ideas on Thread Banger.

sewing room
I am definitely going to have to put up some sort of peg board like this one on Home Designing.

You have to check out the rest of the pictures of this craft room on Something Old Is New Again.

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How adorable it this from the project girl? Very anthropologie. I am going to have to start searching thrift shops and yard sales so I can find a cool desk like this.

Obviously some of this is not attainable on a budget but I sure can try! So if you have any suggestions for me, feel free to comment. I would love some more inspiration for my inspiration room!

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