operation office makeover: pretty diy pencil holder

Besides putting up shelves and switching around some of the furniture, I have found little motivation to organize the office. So tonight I decided to take on a small task - making some pretty holders for my pencils, paint brushes and such. This only took me ten minutes to do three cans and I used stuff I already had around the house so this project was essentially free!

DIY Pencil Holder
What you need
pretty paper
soup or sauce can
modge podge
scissors or paper cutter

1. Measure a rectangle to go around your can. You can measure with a tape measure or just place the can on top of the paper like I did and mark with a pencil.

2. Cut out the rectangle. Use your sponge to paint the modge podge on the paper.
3. Press the rectangle against the can. If your can is ribbed like mine, make sure you press more at the top and the bottom and very lightly in the center of the can otherwise you will have ribbed imprints on your paper.
4. Let the modge podge dry completely.
5. Fill your new pretty can with pencils or other goodies!

*Note: I used larger sauce cans but only had 12x12 scrapbook paper. This didn't allow the paper to wrap all the way around the can so I just cut an extra piece to cover the space and will just use this as the "back" of my holder.

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