fall wedding inspired palette

So I really don't want the typical fall wedding colors of red and oranges. And if we decide to go with Green Hill as our venue, I really want to work with the browns that you see in the wooden rafters and wall paneling.

I also want a very rustic but elegant feel with branches and lanterns and candles and mismatching. So I am thinking chocolate brown, mossy/olive green, and cream with accents of gold. I found some wedding boards that have inspired me:

These first three boards are from Kelly Oshiro Events

This inspiration board is from Prost to the Host

This is probably my absolute favorite from Snippet and Ink

So what do you think?


  1. just to let you know, browns and olives, though lovely for decorations, tend to be not so lovely as bridesmaid dress colors. just keep that in mind. creamy-gold, depending on the exact hue and the girls' skin tones, will probably be more flattering and elegant.

  2. Love the moss letters in the Prost to the Host board. Also the pear, or any type of fruit, as a place holder for guests is adorable (last board).

  3. i am definitely using moss letters somehow - just not sure how yet


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