i love you, daddy warbucks

Ever since I became obsessed with the musical, Annie, at the age of five, I have wanted a locket. I dreamt that I would trade places with Annie and have a broken locket of my own. I even kind of preferred the broken gold locket that Annie always wore instead of the shiny silver one that Daddy Warbucks gave her from Tiffany's. I thought it had a lot of "character."

Well, I am grown now I am still obsessed with lockets. And I don't own one. Not one. I have seen a few I really liked but I always thought someone should buy a locket for you. Like how Annie's parents gave her one when they left her at the orphanage. (Ok probably not the best example.)

I have become obsessed with the fact that you can click on jewelry, then necklaces, and then LOCKETS on Etsy. Mon Dieu, how I love Etsy!!

Here are a few I really liked:
This one is pretty but I am not wild about the chain.

This one reminds me of the Marie Antoinette movie.

Love how this one has a message in French. ("more than my own life" in case you were wondering.)

Love the fleur-de-lys!

Although I prefer oval lockets, this is so cool with the fleur-de-lys and watch mechanic thingers. (I know that's not the technical name for it.)

Normally lockets you see are flat but this is more modern looking in 3-D.

With one of my favorite things - FEATHERS!!

I really would like to own all of these - if I already had a locket. But I think the first locket should be simple. Something that goes with everything. Something a little like Annie's. Maybe some broken. (Ok maybe that is a little too obsessive.) Something like these:
I wish I could find one that is oval like the last one but plain like the circle ones. But I also haven't made my way through all the pages of lockets on Etsy yet so we will see...

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  1. i love that last locket! all the detail is really pretty. great picks! xoxo jcd


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