the blog neglector

I know I haven't been blogging a lot lately.  This skirt that I have been working on has officially driven me crazy.  It is my first skirt and I probably should have stuck with the original pattern which was somewhat complex in the first place instead of modifying it.  Oh and I probably shouldn't have added lining either to my first sewn garment. But I am almost there. (And I already spotted this marvelous fabric at the fabric store which I would like to make into a pencil skirt).

Oh and don't worry. That is not the only project that has kept me from blogging. I am attending a Great Gatsby party in two Saturdays. I am trying to create a 1920s style dress from a dress I found at the thrift store. Any ideas? The dress is shapeless. (Apparently if you didn't have a boyish figure in the 20s, the clothes were not for you.  Too bad for my Italian hips.)

I have also decided to make my Christmas presents for my family this year since I am broke city. In case they are reading this I won't disclose what I am making until after Christmas.  Just wish for me that they turn out beautifully. Otherwise, I will be scrambling last minute to figure out new ideas and funds.

Oh and the Boyfriend dropped a bomb on me last night. A few months ago, the BF canceled Christmas, meaning we weren't exchanging gifts this year. Despite the fact that I really like getting him something, he is probably one of the most difficult people to shop for since he really never wants anything and his birthday is a month after Christmas. So even when I do figure out something for Christmas, I am normally at a lost for his birthday. In other words, I was a little relieved.  Especially considering I start looking in October since he is so difficult.

So anyways back to last night. I sold my bike last night and the Boyfriend said, "Well you can use that money to get my Christmas gift."

Thinking he was joking, I responded, "Yea sure. Too bad you canceled Christmas."

But then he said, "Well, I am getting you something."

"What do you mean you are getting me something?"

"I am getting you a present."


I know this doesn't seem that bad but out of respect for Santa - YOU DON'T FAKE CANCEL CHRISTMAS! THIS ISN'T BASKETBALL. YOU CAN'T GO ONE WAY AND THEN THE OTHER.

I know he is hard to shop for but I could get over that. Oh and I may have been able to get over the fact that Christmas is two and half weeks away and there are few legitimate stores in Salisbury. But I am making all the gifts for my family. WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS! And I have other projects as well! In other words - I am officially under a major time crunch.

But don't worry I rallied. And I picked him up something today. (Surprisingly, not online but in Salisbury.) But I can't tell you what it is since I found out he reads my blog.

But I just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten you. I was just swallowed by a couple projects. I am hoping we speak again soon but don't worry if you don't hear from me until after Christmas.


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