what I need to rent now

There are plenty of cinematic works I have been meaning to see.  Some are more recent, so I am not that far behind, and some are from when I was in middle school.  If I had a whole weekend to lounge on the couch these are the top ten DVDs I would rent first:

1.  Coco Avant Chanel*
2.  The September Issue*
3.  Fight Club
4.  Paris, Je t'aime
5.  Ghosts of Girlfriends Past**
6.  Monsoon Wedding
7.  Up
8.  Revolutionary Road
9.  Milk
10. Season 5 of Alias***

* Ok, I am pretty sure the first two are not out on DVD yet, but obviously they did not come to the theater in Salisbury because it's Salisbury. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival to Redbox. Or are they not even going to come to the Redboxes in Salisbury? I guess I will have to get Netflix for a month.

** Yes, I know Matthew McConaughy is in this. But didn't you enjoy How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days?  (See number 10 for clarification on Jennifer Garner.)

*** I became hooked on Alias during my freshman year of high school on a weekend when ABC Family played a weekend-long marathon. After that I cried if I ever missed an episode. But I have a theory that Lost ruined Alias by taking away J.J. Abrams' attention, therefore making Alias way too weird. Season 5 began during my freshman year of college and its weirdness was no match for the OC parties everyone was having. But I still really want to know what exactly happened to Vaughn, Sydney, and their baby.

What DVDs have you been meaning to rent?

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  1. "sex lies and videotape" with andy macdowell, young and sexy james spader, and young and sexy peter gallagher. it is an independent soderbergh film from the late 80s. simple and elegant in its cinematic scope, but absolutely haunting in its characterizations and in its depiction of the inherent power struggles of sex, particularly those in marital and adulterous relationships.


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