Sewing Marie

I joined a website called BurdaStyle a few months ago because you can get free sewing patterns. I have never sewed an article of clothing before and after piecing the pattern together today, I AM SO FRUSTRATED! Why are sewing patterns so confusing??

I bought this beautiful fabric at the fabric store this past weekend and I was so excited to sew it into Burda's beautiful Marie skirt and now I just want to cry. I don't like when inanimate objects make me feel stupid, but the paper pattern sitting on my dining room table right now is doing just that.

First off, how am I supposed to use the big piece I cut out? One for the front and one for the back of the skirt? Because that just makes it seem like the skirt is going to very asymmetrical and I know that isn't the way it is supposed to be. And why did I have to buy interfacing?

Maybe I just need to sleep on it. I bought fabric for lining so maybe I can start with that. Or maybe I need to go to the fabric store again and find the cheapest fabric I can find to practice with. But that just seems like a waste of my time. Why put in all of that work and effort and have nothing to show for it?

Has anyone else taught themselves to sew? Was it this frustrating at first?

Ok, ok, enough complaining. Have a good night! Tomorrow is hump day!


  1. I tried to learn how to sew and it was really frustrating at first ... oh wait, you were there and we failed miserably...

  2. Apparently, you shouldn't start out using jersey. Lesson learned...

  3. i like to pretend i will one day sew real garments, but i think i will continue my pattern of altering other garments to make them more fashionable and adding embroidered embellishments.

    more my speed.

  4. I sewed the maria skirt and yours turned out much better than mine. Mine was HUGE, I dont understand, I used my measurements, who knows. I am teaching myself to sew and I practice on old bed sheets. It involves a lot of unpicking but i suggest making purses/bags/wallets first. Crafster has some great tutorials.

  5. Thanks Emily. I actually ended up cutting down my skirt a few times and re-sewing the seam lines. Otherwise mine would have been huge as well...


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