Please Julia, Can I Have Some More?

I guess my love of cooking began with my love of eating. I have always loved food and was never a picky eater. I started cooking in elementary school and never stopped.

In middle school, someone made the mistake of getting me a camcorder much to the dismay of my family and friends. I recorded EVERYTHING. (Yes, three hours of my siblings opening Christmas presents would be an essential one day.)  But along with documenting real life, I began to record my own cooking shows. My dad's second wife started calling me "Julia" and as soon as I figured out who she was, I would even record some of my cooking shows while mimicking her distinct voice.

Through high school, I spent many hours in front of the tv watching the Food Network noting how many of the chefs mentioned Julia during their shows. One day, I thought, I will get a Julia Child cookbook and cook just like her.

When I was living in France for the semester, I tried to find a cookbook to bring home that encompassed all of French cooking.  This is nearly impossible without spending a fortune on a book like Larousse Gastromique since cuisine there is quite regional.  I still loved browsing the cookbook section of Mollat looking at all of the beautiful pictures and french words.  I spent hours there.  Although I love a Barnes and Nobles all the way down to your local private bookstore, there is just something ultimately sexy about a French bookstore.  I guess even books are sexier in France.  I have come to the conclusion it was best that I didn't get one there. One, I would have to do a little translation which I probably would have enjoyed. But I would have also had to do conversions of the measurements. Ick.

With the recent release of the movie, Julie & Julia, her cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which she wrote with Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck, has been everywhere.  But at a cover price of $40, I just couldn't justify buying it.

Last night, the BF and I went to Sam's to pick up some Heath bars for a dessert I was making (recipe to come later) and I decided to browse the cookbooks for a second.  And there she was in all of her "mastery" - at $25! I sat there for a moment and then picked her up and ran my fingers over her cover.  She was beautiful.  The BF walked down the aisle to find me holding her close to my chest with tears in my eyes.  (You think I am joking.  I'm not.)  

"What's that?" he asked.

"It's THE cookbook.  Julia!  It's Julia!  At $25!  It is normally $40!"  I could barely get my words out.

"I don't know what you are saying."  He says this to me a lot.

"That movie I dragged you to see with all of the old ladies."

"OH!  That cookbook."  He really gets me.

I held her close and walked down the aisle.  And then I remembered my promise to myself.  I wasn't supposed to be spending money on things I didn't need.  And although my heart was saying I needed her, my head knew that I didn't.  I put her in the BF's hands.

"Take her.  I shouldn't spend the money."  He turned the corner of the aisle and she was gone.

Today, I came home and checked the pork loin that had been in the crock pot all day.  It smelled delicious.  I turned away to go walk the dog and then something caught my eye.  I almost missed it.  It seemed like it should have been there all along.  Her beautiful turquoise cover with little white fleur-de-lis all in perfect little rows.  I almost cried. I love her but I think I might love him just a little bit more.


  1. that is so adorable! if i ever meet someone who even partially gets me, i will be so excited.

    i really want to start cooking more because i love nothing more than eating (okay, i love drinking more, and dancing is a close third). maybe when i have someone besides myself to cook for, i will get more into it.

  2. oh don't wait for someone else to cook for! i think cooking for one is the ultimate indulgence. my favorite!


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