My Christmas List

I used to love making a Christmas list as a kid.  I didn't just write out a list, though. My list was adorn with pictures cut from the various Christmas catalogues. I rarely got everything on my list but I didn't mind.  I just liked cutting the pictures out and pasting them to paper. I figured since we have survived Thanksgiving and Christmas is almost here, I would make a hypothetical Christmas list (but feel free to pass along any ideas to the Boyfriend - although we aren't exchanging gifts this year, my birthday is soon after that.)

1.  DVD's - specifically...
Annie (the one with Carol Burnett and Bernadette Peters)- I used to watch this about once a week as a child. I even was in the junior version in middle school.
The Wizard of Oz - I used to watch this just about everyday when I was little.  I must of been an odd child considering most children were scared of the flying monkeys.
The American President - WHY DO I NOT OWN THIS MOVIE?!
First Season of The West Wing - Ok, ok. I love fictional presidential drama.

2. Fabric. Yes, I know I haven't even finished that skirt I have been working on yet but I feel an intense hobby coming on.

3. A gift card to J. Crew. Oh and Nordstrom. And H&M. Well, I guess just a VISA gift card will do.

3. Spinning shoes. I am officially obsessed!

4. A new camera. Mine is so angry with me for taking way too many pictures. More specifically the Canon PowerShot SD 780 IS.

5. Jewelry from Pink Street. So pretty!

6. A Phillip's Senseo.

7. Oh and I suppose a trip or two to France. Giggle.

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