a sparkly 80s favorite: diy madonna costume blazer

Since I will be out of town pretty much right before Halloween this year, I knew I had to figure out my costume a little earlier.  I figured I would go 80s AGAIN this year.  I must really be obsessed with the 80s.  Three years ago I was an 80s aerobic instructor and one year in high school I was Madonna.
I decided to do Madonna again which I guess is kind of stupid since I have been her once before but that was many many years ago and I was going to do a very different outfit.  I decided to find a blazer at Goodwill that had huge shoulder pads and that I could decorate similarly to the blazer Madonna is wearing in this picture:


I knew I wasn't going to copy the picture exactly (I wanted it to be much crazier and much more sparkly) but this is basically what I was trying to accomplish.  This is what I came up with:

I used glue and glitter to get the sparkly stripes.  I just glued printed satin to the lapels and cuffs and just folded the fabric underneath and glued.  I took off the black button and added a gold 80s looking button.

Here is what else I have to complete my costume:
* black shiny spandex pants
* black lacy corset top
* sparkly fabric to make a bow in my hair
* black suede heeled booties
* gold cross earrings
* black lace gloves
* lots of chains and bracelets

Now I just have to figure out what to do with my hair and what to do for make up...

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