maybe a slimming favorite?

I have a dress that I bought two summers ago to wear to a friends wedding that my boyfriend really likes (and that I do too!)  It is black with a blue and grey flower pattern and actually has a straps (so I can wear a bra!) but it is very form fitting.  VERY form fitting.  I really wanted to wear the dress in Orlando but with the recent weight gain, it was not going to happen.

But should we not be allowed those tiny dresses just because of a little weight gain?  That doesn't seem fair.  Enter Hanes Smooth Illusions Go Figure.  Its bodywear "that makes everything you wear look better" according to the packaging.

Although buying it made me feel like I was 50, I decided to give it a try.  It should come with a warning: will take 10 minutes to get on your body, may need help getting it up.  My boyfriend came in the room because there was so much grunting and moaning to get this tight little thing to move up my body.

And yes it did smooth everything.  While standing the dress looked infinitely better.  Sitting was a different story.  I guess when a dress is tight, it is tight.  So knowing I would be eating a big yummy dinner, I went with a different dress.  (I am also not quite sure how I would have done in the heat with the bodywear.)  But I am definitely keeping this in my drawer for a rainy day.

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  1. HAHAHAHA... i have a few dresses that i will wear with bare legs, but feel a bit more comfortable in tights. the tights just smooth things out. i have yet to transition to any type of body wear, but perhaps you can convince me...

    love you! did i invite you to my blog? had to make it private, for publication reasons (i have been submitting stuff to lit magazines, so it cannot be public anymore).


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