flights to Orlando - definitely a favorite

I have to wake up bright and early tomorrow for a flight to Orlando. Yay!

Of course I realized TODAY that all my sandals were in a terrible state. And to make matters worse, Salisbury doesn't really have many choices when it comes to shoe shopping so I knew that finding out of season shoes was probably not going to happen. My quick trip to Marshall's, Ross, and Macy's proved this to be true. Oh well, maybe I will find something in Florida.

But I did buy a very interesting undergarment. I will clue you in on how it goes. Oh and get your mind out of the gutter. Think less Victoria Secret and more Bridget Jones Diary.

Have a good night!

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  1. my mom told me that i was like a bridget jones. i was 15 at the time. naturally, i did not focus on the fact that this comment literally made no sense, and instead was highly bitter and offended.

    anyway, hanes chiffon black perfect panties, definitely my favorite. or a simple black thong. the day i buy a victoria secret thinger-ma-bob or anything bridget jonesy is the day i shoot myself. i live to impress me myself and i though, so don't take that the wrong way...

    miss you girl!


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