diy favorite: swirlies

I have always been fascinated by those that are able to whip up a new shirt or dress via sewing machine. I never quite caught onto those skills. Two Christmases ago I asked for a sewing machine and got one. My first attempt at trying to make a shirt was so traumatizing that the machine has been in its box in a closet ever since.

Moving to Salisbury to live with my boyfriend has left me with a lot of free time outside of work. Most of my friends are in DC or Baltimore making me one very bored little girl here. So I figured why not try and take up sewing again. I have nothing else to do really.

I was searching around for cheap patterns for clothes when I came across this cool site called BurdaStyle and I found it quite inspirational. Yes, inspirational. To a novice sewer like me (actually I would call myself more of a no-sewer), this was full of hope. One day I too will make my very first coffee date dress!

I came across a project that seemed very doable in one weekend and a good starter lesson. Stacie had posted a project for fabric flowers which she had also featured on her blog Stars for Streetlights. I decided I wanted to make my shapes less flowery and more crazy but I used her basic step by step approach.

Fabric Swirlies

What you will need:
Fabric squares (two different colors)
Strips of another fabric (similar in color to one of the other squares of fabric)
fabric glue
thread and needle or sewing machine

Step One: Fold and iron corners of fabric until you get a shape you want.
Stacie states that you don't need to glue all the sides down but for a few pieces I found this helpful. I think it really depends on what fabric you use as well, as some fabrics will fold better than others. Do this also for the other colored square of fabric.

Step Two: Place one square on top of the other. you do not need to glue them.

Step Three: Sew the strip of fabric in a swirl

Now you are finished!

Stacie attached them to a dress, a skirt, and a scarf but I just attached it to a plain old navy tee to jazz it up a bit.
I will try to get a picture of the shirt being worn in the next few days. Have a goodnight!