lip stains: a new favorite

About five years ago, I finally discovered a lipgloss that wasn't sticky and didn't dry out my lips: Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss. I have it in a few different shades and it is my go-to if I want to add a little color to my lips.

But sometimes, you just want a little something, but not something incredibly noticeable. I am really into the whole French "je ne sais quoi" look with the messy hair and the no make-up make-up look. (Something even after living in France for a few months, I still cannot pull off). Lip stains can really help complete a look such as this because they don't come off fussy.

Lipstains are so available right now and not just at a high price at Sephora (although there are a few there that I would like to try). I was skeptical at first. Something that stains your lips! Couldn't that be dangerous!?

Fear not, I have tried two that are really not that bad (and really not that scary either). The first I tried was Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain in plum pout. I really like the marker-like applicator which makes for easy application directly to where you want to be on your lips. It was more red than what I thought it would be but I still really like the color. It also goes on a little too dark for a daytime look in my opinion (and I am also a little tan from the summer right now). But no worries, I just wiped a little bit of it off with a tissue before it fully dried and got the shade I desired. I would definitely leave it darker for a night out. Maybe I can try it out this weekend.

Outlast Lipstain Lipstick

The next stain I tried was the kissink by mark. in red siren. It is actually more of a pinky wine color than a bright red but still a desirable color. Again, it was too dark for a daytime look for me but I just wiped a little off and it was perfect. It also has a great marker-like applicator.

mark Kissink Lip Tintmarker

A word of advice about lipstains: exfoliate! I did have a little trouble with dry lips while using a lipstain for the first time. Also make sure if you get any of the stain outside of your lips to wipe it off before it dries.
Have fun!!