one of my favorite things: chapstick

I am obsessed with chapstick. Actually I would call it more of an addiction. I have carried chapstick in my pocket for as long as I can remember. It probably was my lack of drinking fluids that made this possible.

My best friend in elementary school was the first to notice that I always carried it with me. I guess it was such a part of me that I hadn't thought anything of it before. It was then that I noticed I would become anxious if I came to school without it. Other kids licked their lips to keep them moist. I thought this was juvenile and ineffective. I preferred my jean pocket fix.

My father always carried around cherry chapstick. He still does. I hate the flavor of anything cherry but if I was without my chapstick, I would search frantically through his pants pockets or dresser drawers for my quick fix.

As I got older, I didn't always stick to the actual chapstick brand. I branched out and tried other "chapsticks." Lip smackers were cute and the "in" thing. I found that the Burt's Bee brand was the most addicting of all. It actually made your lips drier so you would go through the product faster. Rose bud salve from Bath and Body works is awesome but really big to put in your pocket and gets really goopy when it gets warm. My current obsession is the Nivea brand - a kiss of moisture. And for summer they even have one with spf.

One time, a little after I had first met my boyfriend, we were driving in the car together and he pulled out a cherry chapstick. I got freaked out at first realizing how much he was like my father. But then I realized I had forgotten my chapstick. Instead of getting fearful, I asked to use his. He said that was fine. I knew everything was going to be ok.